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Knock Knock

Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on May 22, 2010

Anyone home?  I opened up my blog and made my way through the cobwebs so I could post an update.  It’s been awhile!

Gosh where to start?  Still training for the half marathon.  Hard, but very rewarding.  I should cover that sometime in another post.  There’s so much more to training then running.  So many aspects to it that challenge one mentally, emotionally, as well as physically.  It’s been rough but so good.

A few weeks ago I gave my testimony at a Campus Crusade for Christ women’s retreat.  That was really cool.  I was where those girls were 14 or so years ago and I was honored and blessed to share with them. It was with the WOU Crusade girls and they opened up their retreat to our church inviting all the “older” women to come along.  I think all that went were truly blessed.

That same week Jake got the opportunity to share his testimony at a men’s gathering.  It was an impromptu thing which was probably a good thing since public speaking freaks him out.  He said that through the Holy Spirit he wasn’t nervous at all and did fine.

After 3 years of praying about schooling and never having a definite peace about what God wanted me to do I finally got one.  This is a long story but I’ll try my best to keep it short.  We go to a private school.  Which is expensive but for the last 3 years God had provided.  A different way each but nonetheless He’s provided.

So every year at registration time I freak out because “we can’t afford it” and I pray and pray and ask God what does He want?.  I’ll homeschool, I’ll public, I”ll private–whatever–if He’d just lead me in one way or the other.  God seemed quiet.  So we’d wait till last minute and then He’d provide for private and we’d go that way.  But even though He provided it didn’t give me the peace I was looking for.

So January rolled around and I began praying again.  We have to register in March.  I prayed and prayed an no answer.  God wasn’t leading anywhere so I began to look into homeschool again.  Even told some key people at the school we were likely not coming back and told them to replace me in one of the jobs work in.

Then one night after a meeting that had to do with the job I wasn’t coming back for I got my answer.  As I was praying again about God’s will it was crystal clear.  God has me on a path (this school) and He has not lead me to a different one.  Period.  The only reason I get side tracked is because of fear over finances.  God clearly said to stay on this path and if He leads me to homeschool or another route He’ll let me know.  But until then this is where He wants me.  He’ll provide as long as he wants us there.

How can I sum it up clearly?  I new all along that I didn’t feel called another direction.  But I never saw that as God’s answer.  I new all along He had provided for the last 3 years but never saw that as His answer either.  It was truly like a veil lifted.  I saw what was in front of my face the whole time.

I was so glad God let everything play out this way.  Had I quit the school the 3 previous years for financial reasons I wouldn’t have brought glory to God because it was ONLY about finances since I didn’t know where He was leading.  I kept taking this private school path sort of by default.

So that being said, we’ve signed up for another year and we’ll stay there as long as God wants.  I also took note that God led me to this conclusion after I quit that particular job and they found a replacement.  Made me feel at peace with that decision.

In other news we’re still on track with our financial makeover.  We’ve got 3 debts paid off.  We were able to save and pay cash for a electrical class for Jake which we normally would’ve put on the plastic.  Our goal is now to save over the entire summer, have a garage sale, and put any extra money away and pay cash for new roof. (It’s a big need…)  I’m still praying about it though but that’s a goal.  June also will be the first month we’ll be paying for our RV 😦  We are praying about what to do with that thing too.  I may put it on craigslist again or we may trade it for a smaller rv so we can at least have something to use while we’re paying on it.

The kids are doing great.  Plugging away at school (only 9.5 days left waahoo).  Sis is still in gymnastics one day a week and Caed’s taking a break.  They both were in swimming but I took them out for May.  Wasn’t absolutely convinced that was the right choice but we did it.  Summer time will bring track which I personally am looking forward to.  Haven’t decided if Kenna will do Gymnastics.  I’ve realized I need to decide if I’m in it fully or or not because of the financial commitment.  It’s expensive to do it as a for fun thing.  We’ll see.

Other than that I’m looking forward to summer break.  We better get some sun soon!!!!!!!  We’re looking forward to a few small trips this summer and living out this adventure God’s given us called life.  🙂

Until next time!



Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on April 12, 2010

Do you ever have things happen to you that seem a little Twilight Zone-ish.  I have them all the time.  The latest—talk about “same wavelength”—but there’s this gal who can seemingly read my mind but has no idea she’s doing so.

This just started at a leadership retreat a couple months back.  There was lots of dialogue and input going on. Sometimes I’d share my thoughts but other times I’d hesitate out of fear usually.  And without a hitch this gal would say exactly what I was thinking and share it.  It happened 2 or 3 times over the day and half we were there.

So I pondered this and just thought it was kind of funny.  Now we’re in a bible study together and it’s still happening.  Last night (the second time it’s happened) I was going to comment on what this one fella said and hesitated.  Then moments later she said exactly what I was going to say but, and this is the funny part, she directed it at me as an encouragement thing about something I had said earlier.  I chuckled inside.  If she only knew how much I agreed with her comment.

What am I to do?  Do I start to say what’s on my heart because obviously my fear is unfounded.  Or do I sit back and watch the show?  It’s kind of fun.  No, in all seriousness, I think God’s allowed this for good and in the future I will keep doing what I’m doing.  I will work to overcome my fears of speaking out but it’s comforting to know if perhaps I hesitate a little too long, I’ll have a back up.  🙂  (Wow God can work without me what a concept!)  It’s a nice confirmation in my mind that the conclusions I was draw or the idea I were think aren’t completely wacko.

It should be noted too that though I was sometime saddened that I had a chance for God to work though me or use me to say certain things and out of fear I missed it.  So I’ve learned that lesson as well. But even so God’s taught me something so all is good.

Half Marathon

Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on April 8, 2010

I just finished day 3 of my 12 week training plan for a half marathon my brother-in-law and I are running in June, God willing.  My face is blotchy red, my legs a little sore, and I feel really good.  Today was only a 2 mile day but I’m trying to add 2 sprints in my smaller runs.  I read that’s suppose to help my fitness level and speed. It was really hard.

My goal isn’t to be fast, it’s just to finish but I’d like to post an impressive time for myself.  I want to put in some effort and see where it takes me.  I don’t want to finish t0o far behind my brother-in-law.  🙂  It would be great if I could keep up with him but I won’t go that far.

Running is hard but I’ve learned to enjoy it too.  Pushing through mental blocks in the biggest challenge. Every run about 5-10 minutes in, sometimes for the first 2 miles, I repeat inspirational phrases in my mind, listen to certain songs over and over again, or just tell myself how far I’ve come just to keep myself going and distract myself.  It’s rare that the whole run I feel super into it and really good.  I’ve told myself to expect to be miserable the next 3 months.  I just envision the finish line.

Yesterday, in fact, I was so grumpy because I realized I’d have to run in the morning.  To put it mildly I don’t do mornings.  I dropped off my husband at work.  He cheerfully said bye and gave me a kiss.  “I’m grumpy.” I grunted.  He smiled.  He knew why.  On top of that I had to run in the gym because it was pouring.  Three miles on a treadmill is more a workout for my brain then my heart because it’s incredibly boring.  But by 8:30 I had my 3 miles in and day 2 down.  I was finally happy again.

Here’s to being miserable and enjoying it!

Aunt Verna

Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on March 27, 2010

I was told a story about a single old woman in her late 70’s who was asked to lead a huge group of kids in Sunday school one Sunday.  She did it gladly and did it well.  Using a felt board, she captured the attention of the entire group of kids ranging in age from 5-12.

The storyteller related how after meeting with this woman one would walk away smiling and encouraged.  We were talking about church relationships and how bad church experiences can leave us more mature or bitter depending on how we choose to let the experience shape us.

This woman who was never married grew into a happy old woman.  I think that says a lot when the term “grumpy old man” is so prevalent.  Grumpiness in old age can be thought of as a normal pregression.  My husband and I were even talking the other night of how were getting grumpier as we’re getting older.  And we’re only in our 30’s!  What a sneaky, unfortunate trap to fall in.

I want to be like the old woman in her 70’s who leaves other feeling better then when they came.  I want my life circumstances to shape me and mature me and be used for good.  I want to saw off the root of bitterness at the moment I notice it rearing its ugly head.  I want to be like Aunt Verna.

Thank you for your example Aunt Verna.  I never knew you but your legacy lives on.

Aunt Vera married for the first time in her mid 80’s.


Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on March 23, 2010

Self indulgence makes us slaves to our egos while self discipline and restraint are portals to real freedom. – Daniel Lapin

I finally get how discipline and freedom go together.  While super exciting… it’s kind of sad.  It’s revealing that I’ve never been very disciplined.  BUT let’s not focus on that.

I finally get it.  Now that we’re disciplined with our finances when I do spend money I have no guilt and I know it won’t hurt later in the month.  It’s actually so freeing.

No longer am I slave to my urge’s or societies pressures.  I’m in control (via God) and I tell my money where to go rather than it telling me.  It’s so nice.

Now that I get this whole concept I want to apply it to other areas in my life.  I’ve never been very disciplined because I never saw it as freeing.  I always saw it as constricting and controlling.  I’m so thankful that I get this now because it’s HUGE!


Nearly forgot about my blog

Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on March 18, 2010

Outside my window is a blue sky.  Yesterday I spotted a big black bumble bee in our back yard.  Next week is spring break.  Wooo hooo spring time!!!!

On the home front my man got back from a fun work trip to Canada.  He also turned 36.  My son completed his swim lessons and will start more at the end of the month.  My daughter moved up a level in gymnastics. I ran an 8k on Sunday. Last but not least we started attending a home group through our church.

Life is full.

Financially we’re about the same.  We haven’t received our taxes yet so our debt isn’t officially paid off yet. Bummer.  We’re meeting with a realtor on Sunday to discuss what our options might be.  Not putting it up for sale yet just getting her opinion on what steps she’d suggest if we do sell and how much we could put it up for.

Sorry such a boring post, I agree it is…  but I’m itching to go do other things.


Testing, Testing.

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Needed a new look.

It might change soon.  It might not.  That’s how I roll.

Life Update

Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on March 2, 2010

After March, God willing, we’ll have 3 debts paid off.  For a total of roughly $2200.  We will then begin chipping away the remaining bigger debts – a house project and the RV.  Yay.

RV update.  Being that it’s in Montana and currently snowed in we’re not actively trying to sell it.  As soon as the snow melts and we can get it off the hill, we’ll have it taken to a dealer to get all fixed up and then we’ll re-list it and pray and wait.  Until then we’ll just continue paying on it.  Who knows what God’s got in store for that thing.  I’m anxious to see though.

Summary.  In 3 months we’ll have paid off $2200 in debt and have $1000 in savings.  Sweet!

In other news.  My daughter is still loving gymnastics.  She looks forward to it every week.  We’re hoping after spring break to move her to 2 days a week.  My son has one week of swimming left.  Today he swam the length of the pool today!  Good job buddy!

Blessings on the financial front.  A friend from work gave me an ear piece thing for my cell phone.  Just out of the blue because she had an extra.  I was so grateful.  I love it too by the way.  I love having my hands free.  I use it around the house too.  Also my mom bought me some new curtains for my living room.  We’ve never had any the entire 2 1/2 years we lived here.  Apparently it drove her crazy while visiting so she bought me some.  🙂  Too funny.  I really like them.  They compliment the room so well and make it much more homey in here.

My husband is studying hard to take his supervisor’s test in May (electrical supervisor).  In the fall his work paid for him to take a prep class.  It just so happens that the class is being offered again in the spring and we’re saving for the next 3 months so he can take it again.  Then 2 weeks after the class is over he’s eligible to take the class.  He’s stoked because this test will help him tons for this, from what he’s heard, very hard test and the timing couldn’t be better.  I’m praying for him!  I know he can do it!  It’ll be intense though.  It’s like 3 weekends in a row of 8 hours classes each day or something like that.  It’ll be a sacrifice but so worth it.

So that’s it for now.  March budget has began.  Life continues on.  🙂

Blue Sky

Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on February 19, 2010

I’ll be glad when we can start March’s budget.  This month has been full of mistakes that have made the budget much harder.  We’re under on gas this month… we’ve not done well on taking cash out for groceries which makes for more work with the calculator… we’ve had little unexpected things all month.   And I’ve been annoyed this month with thinking about all the money I don’t have.  The gray, rainy skies didn’t help.  I like that each month is a fresh start.

Today the blue sky made a glorious appearance and stuck around all day.  It’s amazing what the sky will do for my mojo.  I just smile and look at the mountains or the planes flying above and I feel good.  I got out and ran today for the first time in a week and the scenery was just plain inspiring.  My husband mowed the grass today.  Ahh, a mowed yard makes me feel better too.  I’m hopeful finally.


Posted in Uncategorized by KDub on February 12, 2010

It’s been a SAD week.  By sad I mean seasonal affective disorder.  Acutally it’s probably that combined with PMS.  🙂  But a depressed week nevertheless.  I hate when I go through these slumps.  When I do I see everything through the negative filter.  Emotionally I can cry at the drop of a hat.  I’ve went to bed early twice this week (which is very unusual for me) and don’t feel rested the next morning.  I’ve also been fighting a weird cold that keeps lingering and lingering.  I have barely ran. And I don’t like being around people.  I dread being around people actually… forces me to smile and be (or fake) happy which when I’m down I resist.

I haven’t really ever been diagnosed with SAD but every year about this time I get down.  Some years it’s worse than others.  Four years ago it was the worst it’s ever been.  The thought of that winter/spring still scares me.  I never want to go to that place again.

I called my mom today.  She always helps.  She gets me.  She knows when I’m seriously down and she knows when I’m just a little depressed.  But she always lifts me up and speaks truth.  Today she told me be thankful and named all that I have to be thankful for.  And we laughed.

Four years ago when I went through the bad time I remember sitting on the floor on the phone with her, both of us crying.  She spoke words that finally shined the light in the darkness and it was about God’s love for me. How one day I was at her house and I walked out the front door and as she watched me she was overwhelmed with a feeling of love but it was God showing her how much He loved me.  When I heard that I broke down even more.  I pretty much melted in His arms and sobbed.  He still loves me…

I feel so unloveable at times.  But at that moment I felt loved.

So far this sadness has been just been this week and I suspect it will pass soon.  I see some reprieve in the coming days and weeks that might just lend to a better mood.  What I do have going for me is that my job, no matter how much I don’t love it, gets me out of the house.  It forces me to talk to people and it forces me to get up and shower and get my mind off things.

Over and out.